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Big Blue Leasing Offers Boat Lift Options

Big Blue Leasing is a HydroHoist dealer, owned and operated by Mike Vaughn, a life-long Grand Laker, and a resident of Ketchum and who got his start in the business world working at at the very marina where the HydroHoist Boat Lift was invented.

In the early sixties, Henry Rutter devised the first HydroHoist Boat Lift at Hi-Lift Marina on Drowning Creek utilizing a vacuum cleaner motor and two inverted tubs to change the future of the marine industry. The concept was simple; the vacuum cleaner motor forced the water from beneath the tubs and replaced them with air creating a floating boat trailer of sorts. As word spread of a way to create dry storage over the water, a giant in the industry was created. Headquartered today in Claremore, Oklahoma, the company is the world’s largest provider of boat lifts.

Fast-forward to the early nineties to that very same marina where the boat lift was invented and a young Jay High School student, Mike Vaughn, would be found pumping gas, retrieving boats from the marina’s unique dry-storage stack system and doing any number of other tasks performed around a marina. From there, the youngster’s ambitions took him to Oklahoma State University, where he earned his Engineering degree in 1997 and a Master of Business Administration in 2012. In between, he became a Licensed Professional engineer with career stops at Mercury Marine in Stillwater, as a gasoline engine Product Design Engineer and with HydroHoist, as Product Engineering Manager. But to coin a phrase, “You can take the boy out of Grand Lake, but you can’t take Grand Lake out of the boy.”

Mike and his wife, Rebeka, who teaches elementary education in the Ketchum School System, have always called Grand Lake home. As the pair looked to the future, they founded Big Blue Leasing in 2008. The company is an authorized dealer of HydroHoist Boat Lifts and has grown dramatically over the past four years due to their unique lease offering in providing an affordable alternative to an outright purchase. In addition to Grand Lake, they currently are doing business on Lake of the Ozarks, Lake Tenkiller, Lake Hudson and Lake Eufaula

Vaughn explains it like this: “When people purchase a lake place, there are lot of things they want to improve, which may include some remodeling and the purchase of boat or even upgrading to a larger one. By the time they get around to considering their lift needs, a lease option to a cash expenditure is sometimes a welcome relief.”

The company can provide any lift manufactured by HydroHoist. Their lease plan calls for one year’s payment. If a client decides to purchase the lift at a later date, 40% of lease payments previously paid will be applied as equity to the purchase price. A free quotaion can be obtained for virtually any model or option via e-mail at info@bigblueleasing.com.

A real selling point for the lease option is that all maintenance and warranty expense is the responsibility of and provided by Big Blue Leasing. The massive damage to homes, docks and lifts just last year are a prime example of how a lease could be in the boater’s best interest.
For addition information, contact Mike Vaughn at Big Blue Leasing as follows:

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