Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long is the lease? The lease agreement runs for 12 months.

2. How much does it cost? Call or email for pricing. A standard 6600 UL2 would typically cost around $1,685 per year to lease. For comparison, the same lift will cost $6,750 to purchase.

3. When do I have to pay? Payment must be made up front for the full year’s amount.

4. How much is installation? Example: The cost to install a 6600 is $550.

5. How soon can I get one? It typically takes about 1-2 weeks to get the lift installed.

6. Can I purchase the lift later? Yes, you may purchase the lift at any time. 40% of all payments made can be applied toward the purchase price of the lift.

7. What happens if it breaks? Big Blue Leasing will cover the cost of maintaining the equipment while under lease contract. Normal wear and tear is expected. However repairs which are a result of mis-use of the equipment will be charged to the customer.

8. Why lease rather than purchase from Hydrohoist? Leasing is much more flexible than owning. No maintenance costs, no long term commitment, walk away from the deal at any time with no termination fees.

9. What if I decide to upgrade my boat and need a bigger lift? You can upgrade at any time. Installation charges will apply. 50% of previous equity can be applied to new lift.

10. What size lift do I need? Sizes and capacities are calculated using the dry weight of the boat + fuel + water +10% for gear.

11. Can I make month to month payments? We do not accept monthly payments. Annual contracts are prepayment only.

12. What if I decide I don't need the lift anymore? You can walk away from the lease at anytime. We will simply come and pick up the lift from your dock.

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